Cigarettes Saphir (1910)

Cigarettes Saphir markets French machine-rolled cigarettes, a novelty for the era. In a time where the majority of the population still rolled their own cigarettes, this fresh luxury product sent shockwaves through the early 1900s. This authentic vintage poster showcases a striking woman sporting an ornate coral turban (and matching lipstick) completely enveloped in her own smoke.

The deep blue and burgundy tones evoke sophistication and regality on this gorgeous stone lithograph by Stephano. The curved lines and ornamentation on this 1910 poster showcase a signature Art Noveau style. 

Dimensions: 31 3/4 x 47"

Condition: Very Good. Minor border fading, soft background creases. Various unobtrusive printer spots. Conservation mounted on linen. 

c.1910 - 111 years old