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Fabrique Française de Cycles L'Indienne

This rare Art Nouveau classic is a sight to behold. Cycles L'Indienne, a French cycling company, was known in the early 1900s to produce some of the best bicycles of the era. Expert craftmanship, speed, and sleek framework are just a few ways to describe the immaculate bicycles that swept the nation. 

In this glorious two-sheet masterpiece we see an indigenous woman dressed to the nines in native attire; she is pictured barefoot and quickly outpacing her pursuers on horseback. Wow, these bikes are fast!

Art By CH Deveau. Published by Seulin & Dehan, Valenciennes. This extremely rare work of art is perfect for the cycling enthusiast in your life. 

Condition: Very Good. Two sheet poster. The upper left quadrant and the lower border have repaired tears. Border restoration in the lower right quadrant. Tax stamp in the upper right. Conservation mounted on linen. 

Year: c.1900 - 121 years old

Size: 34.5" x 47.0" (88cm x 119cm)