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This Polish language poster has a fascinating story... produced in Brooklyn in 1917 (shortly after the US entered WWI), the target audience was Polish-speaking immigrants living in the US. The message reads “Kosciuszko, Pulawski fought for liberty in America. Can you help America fight for freedom in Poland? Eat less sugar, wheat, meat, fats so that we can support our brothers fighting in the allied armies”. Two famous Poles are mentioned, Kosciuszko (featured in the portrait) and Pulawski who both fought on the American side in the Revolutionary War. The artist was George John Illion, a famous illustrator who made several WWI posters. Beautifully restored, linen-backed, and ready to frame. 

Condition: Very Good. Linen-backed. Previous tears restored. 

Year: c.1917 - 105 years old

Size: 21.0" x 28.0" (53cm x 71cm)